Congratulations, you are officially a bride now! It’s time begin preparations for your big day. But where to start? Here are a few initial steps that need to be taken.

Wedding planning website or/and app

My other half has proposed to me. Where to start with the wedding planning?


There is a lot wedding planning websites and apps, that will help you and make things easy. Most of them let you set out a budget, create ticklist, shows venues and list of vendors near to you, make a guest list and allow for guests RSVP on it and much more!

You can create a wedding website and post information on it, so you don’t have to answer a bunch of questions.
Some of them are totally free.


wedding sessions


Pick a date. You should consider what season and year you’d like to get married. How long it will take you to prepare, do you need time to save some money or free up time for a wedding and a honeymoon?

Remember, a lot depends on the region and whether the wedding will be inside or outside.


wedding budget


You need to realize, how much money you can and want to spend.

Theme and colors

Wedding Theme and colors


Decide what wedding style you want. You may create a dream board, so you know what must to look like. Have fun, dream, give free rein to your fantasies and desires, because It’s the foundation of your complete process. You can think about all the details from there.

Guest count

Guest count wedding


Make a guest list. Decide how many people you roughly want to invite. Will it be a big or intimate wedding.


Wedding venue


Now, when you knew budget, time, theme and guest count, you can start looking for venue. Think what type of venue you may want and which one will match your standards (ballroom or barn, for example). Then reach out to venues for available dates, price per person and terms.


You can take a breath and start thinking about your outfits, dj, caterer (if not part of venue), photographer, videographer, florist and all extras you want.

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