Dark red (burgundy), black and white wedding bouquet



Small elegant bridal bouquet. Perfect variant for Gothic, Halloween, black, burgundy, burgundy and black, red and black, red, black and white, burgundy black and white, elegant, floral, forest, moody, winter wedding themes.

All flowers are very tender and pleasant to the touch, as they made of delicate materials.

All the flowers and the base of the bouquet are made by hand.

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Details: different flowers and leaves.
Materials: fabrics (silk, satin), lace, beads, paper and cardboard base.
Colors: dark red (burgundy, wine), black, dark green, white.

Bouquet size:

Height (without leaves): ~9.06″ (~23 cm).
Handle height: ~5.12″ (~13 cm).
Flower ball perimeter: ~18.1″ (~46 cm).
Flower ball diameter (width): ~6.89″ (~17.5 cm).

Be careful, the bouquet shouldn’t be exposed to moisture, as it has a paper base.

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