Irises, peony, anemone, lavender hairband



Diy flower crown. Best variant for wedding, bridal shower, birthday, photoshoots (pre wedding shoot, bride-to-be, thematic, maternity, outdoor). Good idea for pastel, floral, boho, rustic, light purple and ivory, lavender/lilac, irises wedding themes.

All flowers are very tender and pleasant to the touch, as they are made of delicate material.
The design is unique and inspired by the nature itself.

Every flower and petals are made and painted by hand.

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Flowers: irises, peony, lavender, anemone.
Materials: satin ribbons, threads, floristic ribbon, metal base.
Colors: light purple (lilac, violet, lavender), white, ivory, pink, yellow.

Size: per adult
Height with flowers: ~7,09″ (~18 cm).
Width with flowers: ~8,86″ (~22,5 cm).

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