Sunflowers and baby’s breath hair pins



Set of 3 sunflowers and natural preserved gypsophila hair pins.

Perfect for sunflower, rustic, fall, country, yellow wedding themed hairstyle.

Every sunflower is made and painted by hand.

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Stabilized flowers are natural flowers that will stay fresh and soft for 3-5 years.

Preserved flowers, like any other natural flowers, are quite fragile and require careful handling, as they can easily break. Please, be careful. It is recommended to avoid moisture as well as heat, cold and direct sunlight during storage.


Flowers: sunflowers and gypsophila (gyp, baby’s breath)
Materials: stabilized baby’s breath, satin ribbons, velvet, metal base.
Colors: yellow, brown, ivory.
Pin length (without flowers): ~1,97” (~5 cm).


Each hair pins is unique, as it is made by hand and using natural flowers, so absolutely exact copying is impossible.

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