In love with beauty...

Hello, my name is Yulia. I invent, create, colorize, photograph and send all beautiful peignoirs and accessories for you with great love.

My name is Yulia and I am from Siberia, Altay.
I am an image-consultant and seeing beauty in the world around me it's my job. Since my childhood I've loved beautiful things and had a way of seeing beauty in everything: melting snow, blooming flowers, people around me. I remember how I hid in tall flowers and imaged myself a flower princess.Creating beautiful things has become my hobby. I love to create beauty and share it with others. Give warmth and make someone smile. I'm looking for inspiration in the wonderful nature of my land surrounding me and trying to recreate it from delicate materials. Flower petals, tree branches, clouds...When you open for beauty, the world becomes better and I want to give a piece of beauty to you.

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