Haute couture embroidery trends fall-winter 2023-2024

Embroidery is an inherent part of haute couture collections, which can turn even the simplest dress into a real piece of art. What kind of embroidery will be fashionable in this fall-winter season? Let’s see.

Most designers either didn’t use embroidery at all, or made it as noticeable as possible. As always, sophisticated embroidered fabrics are popular, but various patches and appliques, which can be both large and quite miniature, will not lose their relevance.

Popular types of embroidery

Goldwork embroidery

Embroidery, with the use of french wire and gold threads always make an outfit more luxury. They are often used in the military style, creating embroidered military jackets or when creating dresses in the noble style. But this fall-winter season you can see gold embroidery on more casual clothes in the form of patches.

Gold is perfectly combined with pearls, white and silver beads and bugles.

Beads concise drawings

Using beads of one or more shades looks very delicate and unpretentious, but adds chic.

The pattern can be created both due to different shades of beads, and due to the density of the arrangement.


Transparent beads that adorn the edge of clothes or simply placed in a thin strip look very beautiful.

To decorate the edge, you can also use beads that match the color of the fabric.

The frost effect is very suitable for the fall-winter season, and at the same time doesn’t make the outfit look excessive.

Large beads

Many designers have decorated their haute couture outfits with large beads of a wide variety of shapes and combinations. Both the entire outfit and just one part of it could be embroidered with beads.

Such embroidery looks flashy and is more suitable for evening and party clothes.

Small patches

Patches with animal and plant motifs could be seen on collars peeking out from under the jacket, wrapping around the waist, decorating sleeves, shoes and bags.

The patches are made in a variety of techniques. There are threads, sequins, beads, a gimp. Absolute freedom of creativity.

Complex 3d appliqués

3d appliqués are perfect for haute couture, party and wedding clothes. They are able to make any outfit truly luxurious.

Embroidery with three dimensional fabric flowers

The use of 3d fabric flowers in embroidery has become interesting fashionable option in the fall-winter 2023-2024. Flowers can be arranged in dense groups or be far from each other.


Flowers made of feathers or separate feathers perfectly complement the complex haute couture embroidery.

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Repeating designs or even one kind of beads arranged in rows has become a popular embroidery solution in the collections of many designers. Stripes can be straight or form a pattern, such as marble, sun, spider web, twigs or branches.


Fabrics embroidered with beads of one type don’t look as garish as fabrics with different beads mixes. Such restraint is good when you want to add luxury to your outfit, but don’t want to overload it.

Various twigs

Using completely different types of embellishments, designers create stunning ornate twigs.

Such embroidery can look completely different depending on which design you choose.

Sequin designs

Sequins are really popular among designers this fall-winter season. Literally pictures are created from them on the fabric. Sequins can be both quite large or very small. Most often they are not placed in separate pieces or stripes, but in groups.


You can add 3d effect to embroidery due to fluffiness. Any materials will do: threads, fur, feathers, fiberfill and any others.

Crazy mix

For complex and large embroideries, designers often use several types of materials at once, mixing them with each other. You can experiment with colors, shapes and textures, letting your imagination run wild.

Geometric designs

The clarity of lines of geometric patterns makes embroidery more strict and restrained, despite the shine of the beads and the abundance of details.

Such embroidery doesn’t draw all attention to itself and is perceived as a pattern on the fabric.

Round sequins and seed beads

A number of designers used a combination of round sequins and seed beads. They can be arranged in groups or sequentially alternating beads with sequins.

Animal motifs

Small patches in the form of animals or large animalistic designs embroidered on fabric – any option will be relevant this fall and winter.

Flowers and fruits

Floral patterns and images of fruits and berries will add color to haute couture outfits. Such designs can be made in any technique, but sequins, beads and fabric flowers are definitely the most popular.

Metal plates

Imitation of metal pieces sewn to clothes will be a wonderful variant of embellishment. It’s not necessary to use real metal, surely, it can be replaced with sequins or fabric.

Beaded 3d flowers

Three-dimensional flowers are very popular in the fall-winter season 2023-2024. They can be made of sequins or fabric, decorated with beads and seed beads. Flowers can be either a single element or be part of a complex couture embroidery.


You can decorate the fabric with various braids, adorned with sequins, rhinestones, beads, gimp and other embellishments.


Creating a complex haute couture embroidery is not necessarily limited yourself to beads and sequins. They can be replaced with rhinestones, using them both the only decorations and an addition to other elements.

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