Creating 3d lavender embroidery for a dress

I want to show you how the embroidery design for the dress was created. I love lavender so I thought it would be a cool idea to use it to decorate the neckline of a dress. I needed the flowers to look delicate and add a zest to the outfit, without drawing all the attention to themselves. Just an elegant touch that captures the spirit of these amazing flowers so beautifully.

This project was the long-time idea of mine. My inspiration was the lavender hairpins that I had created (you can see how it looks here lavender hair pins). I originally intended to do stumpwork embroidery, that is, 3d embroidery. However, I didn’t want the lavender to be too bulky, so I decided to sew the flowers to the fabric. I chose ribbons of two shades to make the flowers seem more voluminous and lively, and started to work.

The creation of the flowers was painstaking. I cut and processed more than two hundred pieces of fabric. But the result was worth it.

When the preparation was completed, I started working on embroidery. I needed a lavender sketch. In addition to ribbon flowers, I decided to use silver thread for stems and leaves, and to add beads to make the embroidery more shiny.

After that, the sketch was pinned to the mesh to transfer the pattern to the fabric.

And the embroidery process began. I used a chain stitch, which seemed to me the most optimal in this case, due to its elegance.

Twig by twig, the pattern was created. I didn’t have a clear plan for the arrangement of flowers, so I followed the sketch and selected flowers by size and color by eye.

The more sprigs I made, the more pleased I was with the result, because the embroidery really looked very sophisticated.

Embroidery on the mesh looks really delicate, airy and refined.

Having finished with the basic embroidery, I started adding beads. I didn’t want it to stand out too much, on the contrary, I chose colors that would almost merge with the thread, giving more structure and shine to the flowers.

As a result, I used three types of beads for my lavenders.

When the embroidery was ready, I could start using it to create the dress.

I sewed embroidery to the corset.

And then the process of assembling the bodice of light lavender fabric began.

When the work was almost finished, I realized that something was missing. And so I decided to add beads to the flowers as well.

I was extremely pleased with the result. You can see what I ended up with here lavender flowers embroidery PDF pattern or here lavender flowers embroidery kit

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